Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Benefits of Honey for Heart Disease

This assumption some people about honey actually considered can lead to obesity, high blood pressure resulting in heart disease. Why? Because they think honey has a sweet taste from sucrose, glucose and fructose. We know that consuming excess sucrose is believed to increase risk of obesity, insulin resistance and high blood pressure. Sucrose also reduces beneficial HDL and increase triglyceride levels. Fructose have the same effect with sucrose. 

Molecular Basis of Honey Have Antibacterial Activity

Molecular basis of honey is to have antibacterial activity. a new research released by the American medical journal to provide solutions that mixinggreen tea and honey proved to be effective in reducing disease-causing bacteria(pathogens) in the meat we consume. 
"The research we did showed a mixture of jasmine tea and green tea and honey or honey has a high microbiological activity,"