Saturday, January 12, 2013

Molecular Basis of Honey Contains Anti-Bacterial

Benefit of Mixture Honey and Tea
Apparently The Molecular Basis of Honey has Antibacterial Activity. Recent research released by American medical journal providing solutions that mixing green tea and honey is proven effective in lowering the disease-causing bacteria (pathogens) in the meat that we consume.

"The results of our research indicate a mixture of jasmine tea and honey, or a mixture of green tea and honey, has a high microbial activity," said lead researcher Daniel Fung, a professor at Kansas State University.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

23 Benefits of Honey For Health

Benefits of Honey for Health - The Benefits of Honey for health, it is no doubt. Perhaps that is why so many people are preserving honey bees for honey taken. Maybe some people are asking how much hell Benefits of Honey for health. 

The benefits of honey for the health of so many. One of them is able to increase the stamina of our body. No wonder that a lot of healthy food and beverage advertisements stamina enhancer on tv always contains honey. Other benefits of honey may already be known to many people that is, as a sweetener. There are many other benefits of honey for this. .

Honey Better Than Cough Medicine

Honey Better Than Cough Medicine
Anyone would know, honey could be a panacea to cure various ailments symptoms. And now, the existence of the honey the stronger the research results to the researchers from Pennsylvania State University in Hershey, the United States recently. According to the findings, the honey is proven to effectively relieve coughing in children and help them sleep soundly at night. Treatment with honey is even better than cough syrup containing dextromethorphan.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Mixture of Tea and Honey Can Kill Bacteria

A Mixture of Tea and Honey Can Kill Bacteria
A mixture of tea and honey is very good for your health. Due to consume them, can eliminate disease-causing bacteria.

A study recently testified merger benefits of tea and honey. A mixture of tea and honey was effective at lowering bacterial pathogens (disease-causing bacteria) in the meat consumed daily.

A Good Way to Consume Honey

A Good Way to Consume Honey
  1. Honey is better consumed on an empty stomach and form a solution of (drunk straight or mixed with water).
  2. Form mead is more easily absorbed by the digestive tract.
  3. Consumption of honey is ideal for adults is 100-200 grams / day. For children the ideal honey consumption is 50-100 grams / day. If this is not met, at least adults consume honey 3 tablespoons / day. And children half.
  4. Instead of honey consumed regularly at night before bed and in the morning when waking up from sleep.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Benefits of ginger drink to relieve stress

benefits of ginger
Rich in antioxidants, a cup of hot ginger tea may be the answer to stress that interferes.

The benefits of ginger in addition to drinking, sipping ginger tea aroma known to restore mood, relieve stress, healthy digestion and improve absorption of food.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Overcome burns with honey

Overcome burns with honey
Honey for health benefits is no doubt. Various diseases can be treated with honey. Including burns. Honey is said to heal burns faster than other drugs. Including burns and severe types of injuries that are difficult to cure. not to mention the burns will continue to exist and are usually difficult to lose.

Benefits of honey for diabetes patients

Benefits of honey for diabetes patients
Honey as drinks are very beneficial for the health of late has been flourishing in the community. But there are few obstacles, whether honey is safe for consumption by people with Diabetes? Is not honey that tastes "sweet" it will increase blood sugar levels? This article hopefully will help you.