Thursday, January 10, 2013

23 Benefits of Honey For Health

Benefits of Honey for Health - The Benefits of Honey for health, it is no doubt. Perhaps that is why so many people are preserving honey bees for honey taken. Maybe some people are asking how much hell Benefits of Honey for health. 

The benefits of honey for the health of so many. One of them is able to increase the stamina of our body. No wonder that a lot of healthy food and beverage advertisements stamina enhancer on tv always contains honey. Other benefits of honey may already be known to many people that is, as a sweetener. There are many other benefits of honey for this. .

Here are 17 Benefits of Honey for Health.
  1. To treat wounds
  2. Strengthening of white blood cells
  3. Stabilize blood pressure
  4. Preventing osteoporosis
  5. Maintaining eye health
  6. Treating anemia
  7. Adding marital fertility
  8. Treating allergies
  9. Overcoming respiratory
  10. Replenish energy / stamina
  11. Overcoming constipation
  12. Prevent infection in wounds
  13. Overcoming a heart
  14. Eliminate asthma symptoms
  15. Overcome strep throat
  16. Overcoming constipation
And here are seven benefits of honey. for other health very good for our lives.
  • Fetus: You should know this one honey benefits, honey apparently believed to strengthen a weak fetus in the womb (uterus). 
  • Pregnant Women: In addition to strengthening the fetus, honey is also useful to help maintain stamina and health of women who are mangandung, and importantly the help of nutrition for the growing fetus during pregnancy. 
  • Baby: Baby's brain every day, always progressing up to the age of 5 years. For that infants should require high nutrient to help brain development. It can be seen that the current lot of baby food and beverage ingredients combined with honey in it. 
  • Children: Apparently honey can also keep the appetite of children you know, so there is no excuse for lazy kids eat. Of course, this also helps with healthy child development, agile and carefree daily and disease resistance. 
  • Teens: Benefits of honey in adolescents it is not a secret anymore. Honey can make very rapid development of the child. This is because good nutrition and content of honey can be absorbed in the body. 
  • Adults: For adults who have always worked every day of course always feel tired and feel stress so that the body becomes weak and easily infected or diseased. For that honey is the best option to be added to the list of food and beverages. Because honey is able to provide and maintain the stamina to keep it fresh and not susceptible to disease. 
  • Elderly: In the elderly digestive organs must function optimally has begun to diminish. For that honey is a food / drink because it contains a source of energy and good nutrition. In the event of any tract of honey is very easy to be directly absorbed by the body. So that the benefits of honey is very good for seniors.
The benefits of honey for health above is just a few of the many benefits of honey. One of them is for a facial or beauty. Apparently honey is also able to treat the face to make it look brighter, cleaner, healthier, and of course beautiful. But of course there are certain ways how to use honey for skin care. Hopefully the information about the benefits of honey for health this time and broaden your knowledge about honey.


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