Monday, January 7, 2013

Overcome burns with honey

Overcome burns with honey
Honey for health benefits is no doubt. Various diseases can be treated with honey. Including burns. Honey is said to heal burns faster than other drugs. Including burns and severe types of injuries that are difficult to cure. not to mention the burns will continue to exist and are usually difficult to lose.

According to Dr Andrew Jull of the University Clinic of Auckland, New Zealand said that, honey can be a traditional remedy for burns overcome.

A study conducted on 2554 patients with burns suffered different. In that study, the wound smeared with honey is the fastest recorded progress and healing. Similarly detikhot quotes from health24, Friday (24/10/2008).

Honey has the ability to renew cells damaged or dead skin. Honey can also stimulate the growth of new cells. Besides honey also acts as an antibacterial drug.

Until now, researchers in the field of health care will continue to look for another honey functions for the body.


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