Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Mixture of Tea and Honey Can Kill Bacteria

A Mixture of Tea and Honey Can Kill Bacteria
A mixture of tea and honey is very good for your health. Due to consume them, can eliminate disease-causing bacteria.

A study recently testified merger benefits of tea and honey. A mixture of tea and honey was effective at lowering bacterial pathogens (disease-causing bacteria) in the meat consumed daily.
A study conducted at Kansas State University revealed a mixture of jasmine and honey tea, or green tea and honey has a high microbial activity and are capable of killing harmful bacteria that is found in some foods and raw meat.

Research leader Daniel Fung said the study was conducted in a liquid medium by using the tea extract and honey are proven to reduce the bacteria listeria monocytogenes and ecoli 0157: H7.

In this research, the researchers used thin slices of turkey breast were given a mixture of jasmine tea and honey thick. As a result the bacteria listeria monocytogenes down 10-20 per cent. Listeria monocytogenes is a harmful bacteria found in raw milk, ice cream, soft cheeses, raw fish and meat or smoked fish.

Daniel advocate for those who like meat and raw vegetables to consume honey and tea every day.


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