Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Pure Honey Freeze?

Whatever type of honey if temperature changes occur then he will also be changed according to the substances at birth. And we know that honey contains a type of water around 12.5% - 22% of the weight. Usually, pure honey, if inserted into the freezer, will have two possibilities, viscosity and granulation. The following explanation of both: 


The degree of viscosity The viscosity of a substance that is affected by other substances of different viscosity, temperature and colloids. the honey if the conditions of room temperature (21-27 degrees Celsius), the glucose found in honey are bound with water so it looks thin. otherwise in a condition of a lower temperature then the water is bound by glokosa so it looks thickened. Sometimes at the bottom of the bottle will look granular crystals that show the occurrence of freezing water, this happens because glucose is unable to bind all the water contained in honey so that the water had frozen in the honey, it can happen if the volume of water contained in honey was greater than the amount of water that can be bound by glucose. 


Granulation is the process of formation of small grains (crystal) fluid-filled cell. Granulation occurs where the concentration of glucose in honey is higher than fructose, honey and therefore produce the crystals gently. To eliminate the crystals or granulation of honey, open the bottle cap and soak in warm water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius until the honey melts or return to its original state. After the crystal is lost, honey can be consumed without fear of losing his usefulness. 

In conclusion, pure honey that is stored in the freezer will look frozen or condensed. do not be afraid, honey, you simply place the honey in a normal temperature and let in a few hours then the honey will be back to normal.


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