Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story of Honey Bees

Honey bees has been used by humans since centuries ago. In the days of ancient Egypt, honey has become a household goods daily. Even in those days, the people of Egypt appreciate the honey with a very high price even match the prices of rare currency. Here is the history of honey from BC to AD:
  • Years BC 7000: In the cave Africa and Spain there are pictures of people gathering honey bees from the rock cracks and trees while the bees circling above them. 
  • Year 3000: In Egypt honey bees in use by most people as sweetener. Value of honey is very high, even in ordinary use as a means of payment.
  • Year 2100: Honey bees in mentioned in the writings of Sumer and Babylonya, Hittie code, and the writings of India and Egypt, and is estimated to be older than that.
  • Year 2100: English honey is 'honey' is estimated to come from German 'Honig'.
  • Year 2000: Egypt is to maintain bees in artificial nests.
  • Year 1650: the ancient Egyptians used honey bees as a component (along with animal fats and plant fiber) to treat wounds, as written evidence in Smith Papyrus.
  • Year 1100: German Beer sweetened honey.
  • Year 1100: German Farmers pay taxes in the form of honey and beeswax.
  • In 1600: The Spanish found that the natives of Mexico and Central America have developed methods to produce honey bee maintenance.
  • Year 1638: The European meperkenalkan European honey bees to New England.
  • Year 1638: Found evidence of documentation of honey bees in North America.
  • Year 1822: The first honey bees introduced to Australia.
  • Year 1842: The honey bee was first introduced to New Zealand.
  • In 1850: Honeybees were brought to California figures colony hybridization with the original to increase production. 
  • Year 2005: New Zealand has 320,000 bee hives that produce seasonal harvest of approximately 8600 tons of honey.


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