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Understanding Honey Benefits, Healing Honye, MEDICAL BENEFITS OF HONEY and MORE

Honey benefits are truly amazing. Healing honey has been used for centuries to heal us both from within and as a superb external cure. This is why the medical benefits of honey have at long last, once again, been recognised by modern day medical staff.

Honey benefits for good health, not just for us but for your well loved pets too are quite something when you think about it. It will help you to boost your immune system to fight off the nasty infections we are all susceptible to.

Honey can be given quite safely to your pets to eat and most dogs I know love the flavour although this can vary as we are so spoilt for choice with the many different kinds of honey there are available to us.

We should be careful to limit them to a far smaller dosage than we use for ourselves.

Some people are so indulged in healthy honey they cannot stop eating it. Usually around two to five spoonfuls a day is considered acceptable for us. Organic honey is hard to find but not impossible by any means. I have one very lovely reader whom has become a pen friend to me, she is by her own admission literally hooked on honey! What other creature on God?s earth apart from honey bees is responsible for making such a pure, delicious and natural food source?

We should all thank the little honey bee for making the honey we can?t get enough of and hope in what is considered to be dangerous times for them, they do not disappear as has been predicted! Honey benefits as an excellent food source are possibly more amazing than most people realize. Imagine having that jar of raw honey or the purest organic honey in your kitchen cupboard for spreading on your piece of toast for breakfast just because you like it and being totally unaware of how many benefits it is giving you.

The benefits of eating honey on a regular basis are actually helping you from suffering the consequences, which are not very nice, of the dreaded stomach ulcer. And if you are one of the unfortunate who suffer the irritations of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) try upping your daily intake to two to three spoonfuls of healthy honey a day to make a huge difference.

Honey helps to relieve that build up of gas and uncomfortable constipation.

It has a wonderful ability to lull you to sleep at night, calming your body to aid a restful night. However, will also give you a power surge before exercising which lasts much longer than any old chemical, caffeine substance.

Healing honey will help to rid you of that awful tickly cough and tightness around your chest by removing the congestion build up especially if taken with a glass of warm lemon juice.

My interest in honey benefits almost became an obsession, but a healthy one when I discovered that along with Propolis another honey bee product and most poweful natural antibiotic, I was able to cure my own daughter from asthma and excema.

If you would like to read my story please click here: the health benefits of honey.
Unlike sugar and sugar substitute?s healthy honey can be added to most recipes as an excellent alternative which will help to stop obesity which can also lead to diabetes and lead us towards extremely dangerous health conditions.

The benefits of honey in our diets along with good unprocessed foods are actually very important to our every day nutritional needs. Healthy honey can also help with the symptoms of heartburn by neutralizing excess stomach acid and helping to digest your food to stop that uncomfortable acid reflux which really hurts and also tastes quite unpleasant. Every single one of us deserves the best of everything and that includes the right to eat a healthy diet to enable us to live and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Is honey good for you? oh yes, it most definitely is.

The medical benefits of honey have been known about long before man could write them down.
Once the art of writing and recording had been learnt dozens of medical journals were suddenly full of honey benefits.

Perhaps the ones we are most familiar with are those recorded by Hippocrates. He noted how sickly children recovered quickly when given healthy honey to eat. This amazing man whom even modern medical professionals still admire thousands of years after his death, recorded for all eternity his experiments with healthy honey.

Perhaps the most famous modern day professional in the field of honey as a medicine is Dr Peter Molan from New Zealand. He has dedicated most of his working life to discovering what lies behind the medical benefits of honey.

Dr Molan has spent years working out just how medicinal honey is able to heal us.
He has given us the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) chart which explains the extraordinary benefits of Manuka honey which most people prefer for medical benefits.

Our hospitals today are turning towards honey benefits again as they now realize that it is brilliant at healing wounds and bacterial infections such as MRSA.

More recently it has been reported that it is also being used for clearing up painful and severe nappy rashes.
Babies are not recommended to eat honey as their digestive systems are not considered to be developed enough.

However there are many societies who believe that babies should be given healthy honey as soon as they are born but for anyone who is in any doubt it is perhaps best to err on the side of caution and speak with your doctor first.

The medical benefits of honey have been utilized into dressings called Medihoney and are frequently used to help ease the pain and cure the most awful wounds received in the victims of war which unfortunately also includes our very brave soldiers.

Look around all the cosmetic skin care products on sale today. These often contain healing honey and royal jelly the food considered to be fit for a queen, well a honey bee queen at the very least. There are many beauties throughout history who have advocated honey benefits as being the reason their skin is so beautiful.
We are lucky in as much as we don?t have to spend vast fortunes on beauty products that most people cannot afford. We can reach into our own cupboards for the very basics to give us the complexion we crave. Healing honey will cure your spots and zits, close your pores and give your skin the most amazing healthy glow. This is able to take place due to the special enzymes in pure honey.

Use some as a facial perhaps mixing with some plain active yoghurt or oats. Mix with some ground almonds or apricot seeds for a great facial scrub, you?ll soon be the envy of your friends. I have a homemade beauty product page with many more tips including tips on how to achieve healthy sparkling eyes. There are also links to two great websites for even more beauty benefits. All in all honey benefits are simply the most important health and medical super foods you can possibly need.  Why not drop me a line to tell me how honey benefits have helped you, I would love to hear your very own stories.

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