Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Benefits of Honey for elderly

Age is another condition in which we need a food supplement. In old age, some have decreased organ function, such as reduced ability to absorb nutrients or interference with the teeth that causes difficulty eating. At this food supplement is needed to complement the needs of nutrient intake. Many studies have shown the importance of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, to increase vitality and prolong life expectancy.

Honey contains a number of properties, helping people who are elderly in the face of life. We will feel sad when there are people who do not want to eat honey because it is higher than table sugar. One thing that we must understand that health is not coercion, but good health is properly funded. In the long term, perhaps the money we save to save to buy honey someday maybe we should spend to buy drugs to treat diseases. And it could be the cost we spend on treating pain is greater than the money that we save all this time to not consume honey.

By providing decent food, like what is represented honey, constructively you can avoid the costs of unexpected for drugs. As an expert saying: "Make your food as medicine and medicine as make food."

"If you want to stay young, stay fresh and fit despite old age, always consume honey regularly". Such messages pioneer of modern medical science, Dr. Ibn Sina. While cane sugar and other sweeteners to go through a process of inversion in the digestive tract through the help of an enzyme that can turn into simple sugars. But honey is not so, because honey has been digested by a bee is the first saliva gland that converts sugars in the nectar of flowers into simple sugars levulose and dextrose, so the human digestive does not need to work further. Of course this is very important for people who have weak physical.

Because then honey can provide quick energy and without the need to go through a long process. And catalase enzyme present in honey was instrumental in breaking the peroxide is a metabolic waste rations that can accelerate the aging process. So with honey, slow the aging process. That is also why honey is also known as youthful drug.


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