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Benefits of honey to heal wounds

Benefits of honey to heal wounds
Honey is a very useful kitchen tool for treating a variety of diseases. They can also be used to treat wounds. So, if one day you are injured, go to the medicine cabinet before, try to check the kitchen cabinets. They are accustomed to using home remedies like using honey to heal wounds. There are several reasons for that.

First, honey smeared on the wound to act as a fence to protect the wound from the outside and prevent infection. Maybe this is a little unreasonable for honey inherent in all objects touched. If you notice, the dust and so they stick to the surface of the honey and may not penetrate into the wound.

Secondly, honey is also relieve pain due to its nature as a natural anti-inflammatory. On the other hand, honey also makes the process of moist wound healing, but it does not hinder the process.

Why honey is very good to overcome injuries? For Honey contains antibacterial substances, in which bacteria can not deal with the honey so good for treating burns and infectious diseases. Honey also has hygroscopic properties which draws water from the surrounding environment. With this hygroscopic properties of honey can be used to compress wounds such as ulcers caused by infection. Injuries that are wet will dry faster because the water surface the injured body part will be attracted by the honey. Honey also has a high osmolality properties so that the bacteria is difficult to live where there is honey there.

Besides honey also has anti inflammatory processes (anti-inflammatory actifity). This attribute is only present in raw honey (not blended or processed), while the honey that has been processed (mixed) will not be used for healing wounds, even very dangerous because it can bring in ulcers and infections

In an article published in the magazine "Ann Plast Surg" in February 2003 AD, conducted a study of 60 patients affected by Dutch nationals injured in varying; include chronic wounds (21 patients), complex wounds (23 patients), and severe contusion (16 patients) The researchers said that the use of honey is easily done for all patients, except one person. It helps clean the wound and there is no any side effects in the use of honey on wounds.

"Anti-bacterial properties of honey help fight infection in the injury and anti inflamasinya action can reduce pain and increase circulation which affects the healing process" said Dr. Peter Molan of the University of Waikato, New Zealand, through health sites. Honey also stimulates the growth of new tissue, thereby accelerating healing in addition also reduce the incidence of scarring or scarring of the skin. In the rubric "burns" the magazine "Durn" the year 1996 AD, has been published on the use of honey for the treatment of burns, the article recommends the use of honey for burns.

In 1970, a British surgeon provides the startling statement "co-workers" because they always put honey on wounds scar cancer patients. And in fact, the patient's wounds dry faster, and less contaminated than the actual antibiotic use.

Meanwhile, Cavanagh and some his friends mentioned that: "The treatment with honey, especially in the incision, the wound became sterile (free of bacteria and germs) within 3-6 days." They demonstrated in vitro, that the honey has power spectrum of natural killer / wide coverage. They came to the conclusion that honey is an antibiotic cheap but very effective.

"Department of Obsketrics and Gynecolog at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre"; argued frequently used treatment of infectious wounds with natural honey, the result is always satisfying. The wounds will quickly become sterile after treatment for 7-10 days, and honey can accelerate the formation of a more delicate skin tissue.

One of the well-known honey with forest honey authenticity is Al-Madinah. Honey has been tested several times and used for research at the medical school UNAND (Andalas University) and the Faculty of Sport in UNP (University of Padang).

Regarding the efficacy of Al-Madinah forest honey as a wound healer has gained recognition from many consumers of forest honey Al-Madinah. As told Mrs. Vera Lenggogeni (37 th) that when an accident, he just smear honey on the face and legs were injured. Not long wound was healed by itself and does not cause a trace. A mother (customers forest honey honey al-madina), tells us that his son likes to play a claw-scratches on the face, for he's just smearing honey treat forests Al-Madinah, Alhamdulillah scratches does not leave traces on the face of the child. Likewise, a father complained that his son suffered a toe injury amputation did not heal well, but after using forest honey Al-Madinah was not until a week wound was dry. this has proven the efficacy of honey in wound healing.


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