Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How To Choose Good Quality Honey

Honey is harvested in the forest must contain flower pollen (bee pollen), pollen is usually flour will settle to the surface of the honey if left in place in several long and cream-colored or brown, and it will be seen clearly under microscope is triangular and yellow. If not found flower essence then unclear if the honey is fake. On the fake honey crystal deposition will not occur, we will see the white froth milk or no foaming at all, sometimes after a while left in place we look like clumps of moss and dirty deposits in honey and in the bottom of the bottle

In general, honey is a natural sweet substance, although in some places we find the taste bitter honey. usually, the taste of honey bees depends on the feed or suck nectar by bees.

Note the bottle cap, pure honey usually contain a lot of gas, so often the case broken bottle itself being unable to withstand the pressure of gas from the honey. As the anticipation is usually on the bottle cap on the size of pure honey 250 ml often pierced with a needle for the gas can escape.

Viscosity of honey depends on the level of water content in honey. According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation, UN), water content in honey is a good maximum of 20%. If honey is foamy, it means the honey is left too long in an open container and having fermentation. And often it's become slightly acidic.

thus we can choose good quality honey


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