Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Honey is effective to relieve sinusitas

USC University Hospital reported that honey can help relieve chronic sinusitis.

A laboratory study conducted at the University of Ottawa found that "natural germ eraser" contained in honey can kill the bacteria that cause sinusitis, "as written by Xinhuanet-OANA.

Some researchers tested honey on materials "biofilms" that contain bacteria sinusitis, and found that honey is actually more effective in killing bacteria than antibiotics, which are used traditionally.

Director of Pediatric Clinical Research at Penn State Dr Ian Paul commenting on the new study. "Bacteria do not grow well in the honey! There is data that honey is effective for treating wounds, destroy the bacteria that thrive in the wound. So, it is hardly surprising that honey would be effective in killing bacteria. "

Dr. Paul and the team at Penn State College of Medicine completed a study of another year, which found that honey is more effective than commercial cough medicines suppress the cough in children


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